Monday, May 24, 2010

View along the wall of a house

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Murcutt Moonlight Head House For Sale. Great Ocean Road Victoria

These Murcutt designed houses are offered for sale, currently one is available, one has been sold.
 Each house is 250m2 of accommodation comprising of a living and 4 bedroom accommodation wing.
E-mail; for details

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Buildings in the Landscape begin to mature

Been a long time

Well where are we now. Three Houses built and a focus on raising the senior debt for the hotel.

I knew I needed to update the blog. At this stage there are 3 houses finished. The recognition as a place to stay has been incredible. It is a joy to look after the diversity of guests who come to stay at Moonlight with an increasing frequency. The recognition continues to flow from around the world.

Moonlight Head Private Lodge is thrilled to have been selected as:

An experience featured in the recently published book “1001 escapes to make before you die” 2009

The only Australian accommodation in the British edition of Harpers Bazaar list of top hotels in the World for 2009

One of Le Voyage Officiel’s 110 top hotels in the world 2008/09(France)

One of Tatler magazines top 101 hotels in the world 2008;

One of Home magazines ten hottest new hotels & resorts 2008.(Hong Kong)

One of Marie Claire’s 10 most romantic getaways in the world 2008(UK edition)

One of Elite Traveler's, Pure Decadence, 101 Best Suites of the Year 2007.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

And some more images


Friday, August 24, 2007

And soon there were three

So the second house is a few weeks away from completion. It is apparent that each house will take a year to construct. We have now completed the set out for the remaining three houses and have a good understanding as to how each building will look insitu ad in relation to each other. The interesting design elements are the consistency of the finished ffl, the close proxiity of each building at the top at circa 1.8m apart running down to 18m at the tail end and the revealing size of each building when inside. The spaces between are very pleasant. No sense of intimidation from the long walls. To facilitate further the privacy we have planted some 50 tree ferns betwee n the two houses at the narrowest point to improve privacy in the space between the buildings and to give a terrific outlook from the long kitchen windows. Images to be posted later in september.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Nice line

Lines in the horizontal

Interesting lines in the horizontal plane

Whilst the built form was known and I have written previously about the spaces between buildings what is apparent know is the horizontal plane. Moon,light is not a flat site, whilst earthworks have been minimal the ffl for all the houses was set at 206m, with the roof profile on the second complete the reader know has a first look and appreciation of how all five will look, when finished.

With the saw tooth little of the roof is seen, now what is apparent is that the profile whilst driving in the light reads in the landscape from the viewer arriving on site as a thin line, nothing is skylined, except for the chimney flue.

Yes elevations where completed for a house, but I did not consider how five of these would look in the landscape, now physically we can can begin to apprecite the horizontal plane. Very interesting, gives me a great sense of anticipation as to how all five will look when this phase is complete.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Effeciency gains

The builder has advised me that we are on track for a late June finish of the second house. What does this mean? Well the speed of construction has been considerably reduced, overall at this time it looks like the team will have reduced the build time by some four months.

How has this been achieved, very few bad weather days, knowing what they where building removed the mystery. The team also believe that they have gained some 10% effeciency in construction. As effeciency are gained as all five are built will this mean that they become regimented in overall feel? We wait to see.